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With a Masters Degree in Special Education, a Learning Disabilities Teacher Certification and an Adjunct Professor Certification, Sharon Cohen has touched the lives of hundreds of students and parents throughout her 44 year career. She has created curriculums and courses at the collegiate level for various universities and has also trained Learning Disabilities Teachers and Consultants, as well as Supervising Student Teachers. Today, she utilizes her knowledge and expertise to facilitate a variety of workshops and seminars.

Sharon’s expertise includes teaching regular education, special education, working as a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, an Adjunct College Professor and a Supervisor of Student Teachers. In each position she has been inspired by students who overcame overwhelming odds to reach their highest potential. Print a copy of Sharon Cohen’s speaker sheet (pdf).

Sharon is available to speak for:

School Districts:

Inspirational and motivational speaking

Finding the “good” in a student and teaching to that “good” Professional days Act 48 days

Workshops for teachers and student teachers on working with difficult students

Workshops for how to develop Positive Relationships with students, parents, teachers and staff

These can be in large or small groups

Colleges or Universities:

Inspirational and motivational speaking

Training for student teachers on how to find the “good” in a student and teach to that good (in a Seminar or with their Mentor teachers)

Building positive relationships with teachers, student teachers,and support staff

These can be in large or small groups, seminar or smaller workshops

PTO Organizations:

Inspirational and motivational speaking

Finding the “good” in your child and how to develop that “good”

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Sharon has spoken at:

Call: 215-356-2397 Email: smbc50@aol.com
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