Exciting News

The Doylestown Book Shop and Lahaska Book Shop are featuring my book during the month of February. These bookshops are absolute treasurers. During my visits I was greeted by friendly staff. After I dropped off my books to a helpful girl named Meredith, I browsed around the Doylestown Bookshop. It looks small from the front when you entered which is an illusion. This store goes all the way through many beautiful sections. The front of the store was charming with comfortable seating and unique displays. A shelf in the front is dedicated to Local Authors, where my book will be featured. Continue reading “Exciting News”

My Vision

While having dinner with my friends Fredda and Keith in June of 2017 I told them I had a vision. My vision was a fabulous Class Reunion for our class – The Class of 1968. They saw the sparkle in my eye and knew I was serious. During the next WOW brunch I brought it up to my “Women of Washington” brunch. I told them about my vision and asked for their help. I got a unanimous “yes”. This group of women has been meeting every other month since our 40th Reunion. I also joined the Alumni Association in June and I attended my first Alumni meeting in Washington’s Library. I was taken back at first when I entered the Library. There were bars on the doors. I assisted my fellow alumni in handing out pizzas to the graduates who were officially graduating. Continue reading “My Vision”

If You Dream It you Can Do it

September 29th, 2018 was a dream come true. I worked so hard for the past 5 months writing a book that was my passion for education. Touch a Life is the culmination of all of the stories I have lived through personally and professionally. In my 44 year career I worked with the most challenging students. Now I get to share these stories with my friends and family. Continue reading “If You Dream It you Can Do it”

Dare To Dream

It was so exciting sharing the advanced copies of my book with the WOW group. This group of women referred to as the Women of Washington. We met in seventh grade when we entered George Washington High School. In 1968 we graduated with the hopes and dreams of our generation and we all went our separate ways. Some became teachers, some counselors, social workers, lawyers and bankers. We all went in different directions, yet we all had a common thread. All of us found careers in helping people. Continue reading “Dare To Dream”

In My Wildest Dreams

It was mid-October and I just found out that due to budget cuts with Penn State Abington, the Chairperson of the Social Sciences Dept. gave me the sad news that my Educational Theory class was cancelled. They also needed to have long term professors take over the supervision of student teachers. Here I was with my new challenge of re-inventing myself once again. Continue reading “In My Wildest Dreams”

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