In My Wildest Dreams

It was mid-October and I just found out that due to budget cuts with Penn State Abington, the Chairperson of the Social Sciences Dept. gave me the sad news that my Educational Theory class was cancelled. They also needed to have long term professors take over the supervision of student teachers. Here I was with my new challenge of re-inventing myself once again. Continue reading “In My Wildest Dreams”

Persistence and Positivity

In my 44 year career I always gravitated to the most challenging students, or, perhaps they gravitated towards me. Somehow I always found their “good” and taught towards that “good”. My passion in teaching to the entire child brought out the very best in each child. Some teachers concentrate on a student’s negative trait. Why waste your time doing that and expending negative energy? Grab hold of those strengths they have and develop those strengths. I call it teaching to their “good”. Every child has something special innately in their being. It’s not such a special formula. It’s called persistence. Continue reading “Persistence and Positivity”

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