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While having dinner with my friends Fredda and Keith in June of 2017 I told them I had a vision. My vision was a fabulous Class Reunion for our class – The Class of 1968. They saw the sparkle in my eye and knew I was serious. During the next WOW brunch I brought it up to my “Women of Washington” brunch. I told them about my vision and asked for their help. I got a unanimous “yes”. This group of women has been meeting every other month since our 40th Reunion. I also joined the Alumni Association in June and I attended my first Alumni meeting in Washington’s Library. I was taken back at first when I entered the Library. There were bars on the doors. I assisted my fellow alumni in handing out pizzas to the graduates who were officially graduating.

At this meeting I was introduced to several people from the Class of 1965. They offered their services to help us get going. We took them up on their expertise. Our committee began searching for our 636 classmates. Our committee worked tirelessly to find all classmates and then had Barb Cohan use Lexis Nexis at work.
We found close to 500 classmates.

In a year and a half all of our hard work paid off. On October20th, 2018 a magical evening was upon us. Classmates arrived, grabbed their lanyard and entered the Walnut Ballroom. One of my most vivid memories was people walking around the room showing each other their high school pictures. The room was perfect. Fredda’s centerpieces on each table glowed with retro memories.

Fredda introduced me and shared how our reunion was born. When I got up to the microphone. I felt I was having an out of body experience. Looking out at the crowd I saw 100 smiling faces, I told them that they were my vision. Smiles from ear to ear and some tears flowed down their cheeks. Everyone was genuinely thrilled to be there. As Ray Wallen, our classmate, so eloquently put it, “I looked out and saw 100 faces of 17 and 18 year olds who were ready to take on the world. And we did!

In December I decided to write a book along with being the chairperson for the 50th Reunion. My book was successfully launched and I am on my way to being a very successful author. I explained how my book’s main idea is about love, kindness, respect and gratitude. I was truly grateful that they were all here to celebrate together. That evening was one of the most meaningful I have ever had. It really was magical!


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