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The Doylestown Book Shop and Lahaska Book Shop are featuring my book during the month of February. These bookshops are absolute treasurers. During my visits I was greeted by friendly staff. After I dropped off my books to a helpful girl named Meredith, I browsed around the Doylestown Bookshop. It looks small from the front when you entered which is an illusion. This store goes all the way through many beautiful sections. The front of the store was charming with comfortable seating and unique displays. A shelf in the front is dedicated to Local Authors, where my book will be featured.

Walking through the store I noticed many unique displays including racks of specialty gift wrap, socks and novelties. The children’s section had tiny furniture with a comfortable chair. A woman was reading a favorite story to her 2 little girls. This section was so inviting to both children and adults. On my way out of this very unique book shop I noticed an entire wall of puzzles. Although the address is 16 Main Street you can walk to the back of the store to a very ample parking lot.

The Lahaska Book Shop is located on 162A Carousel Lane and Rt 263 A in Peddler’s Village. It’s on the corner near Giggleberry Fair and has lots of free parking. This book shop has the usual sections of fiction and non-fiction. It has comfortable seating along with beautiful topical displays. The outstanding baby section also contains unusual gifts for babies. This Book Shop is new and has a very inviting atmosphere with a very broad selection of books. Staff is welcoming and very friendly. Prepare to spend an hour or two in each spot and enjoy getting entrenched in a wonderful literary environment.

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