Persistence and Positivity


In my 44 year career I always gravitated to the most challenging students, or, perhaps they gravitated towards me. Somehow I always found their “good” and taught towards that “good”. My passion in teaching to the entire child brought out the very best in each child. Some teachers concentrate on a student’s negative trait. Why waste your time doing that and expending negative energy? Grab hold of those strengths they have and develop those strengths. I call it teaching to their “good”. Every child has something special innately in their being. It’s not such a special formula. It’s called persistence.

The main philosophy I work with is “The More Positive You Can Be, The Less Negative You Need To Be”. In my experience as an educator, consultant, and adjunct professor, no matter what the age of the student, positive praise is amazing. It is human behavior. If a child is treated with kindness and dignity, they will respond in a very loving way.

No matter what disability I worked with I was always able to tap into the strength of a child and discover they’re “good”. Finding their “good” was easy, the difficult part was teaching to that “good”. Persistence and diligence took over and my passion for working with them sky rocketed. The more I discovered their “good”, the more I was driven to succeed. Not all days were easy but I continued to thrive on their abilities to succeed. This is how my passion for education developed. So many challenging students crossed my path. But in finding their “good” I began thriving as well. So many of their positive stories touched me in a certain way, I in turn touched their life. That’s how my book “Touch a Life” was born. They touched my life and I touched theirs. The stories include students from all of those years and will give you some insight into my passion for excellence in helping students strive for their best!

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