In My Wildest Dreams

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It was mid-October and I just found out that due to budget cuts with Penn State Abington, the Chairperson of the Social Sciences Dept. gave me the sad news that my Educational Theory class was cancelled. They also needed to have long term professors take over the supervision of student teachers. Here I was with my new challenge of re-inventing myself once again.

In writing my syllabus for my class, I created main topics to cover for each session. In that session I related 3 real stories of how I worked with and the challenges I met. My students loved them. To this day, some students thank me for sharing my stories because they made the topic real.

When I taught the seminar on “Understanding Exceptional Students” to my student teachers I did the same. My stories gave my student teachers inspirational support to bring to their students. As they faced challenges with some of their students, they were able to utilize my ideas, develop new strategies and make them their own. They also created new strategies of their own.

On December 5th, 2017 it was the end of the semester. It was our last Seminar when we brought back former students who obtained jobs and had been working for a year as a teacher. I asked my co-worker for the last 10 minutes of our class. When the teachers completed their sharing I began my speech. I told them that I walked into the room as an adjunct professor and when I walk out of the room I would be a famous author. I shared my intentions with them. All of the stories they heard me share in Educational Theory class and seminars were going to be published in a book called “Touch a Life”. I told them it would be meaningful to teachers, student teachers and parents.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever become an author of a book. But now the time is right. My 44 year collection of stories was going to become real. I got a 5 minute ovation from all 15 of them. I told them to look for my Blog this spring and my new website. Now as I sit here actually writing my first article for my Blog. I realize my dream has become a reality!

group of women

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