Dare To Dream

sharon cohen and friend

It was so exciting sharing the advanced copies of my book with the WOW group. This group of women referred to as the Women of Washington. We met in seventh grade when we entered George Washington High School. In 1968 we graduated with the hopes and dreams of our generation and we all went our separate ways. Some became teachers, some counselors, social workers, lawyers and bankers. We all went in different directions, yet we all had a common thread. All of us found careers in helping people.

I knew in my heart that I was driven to help children. I continued to study education and prepare for a teaching career. When I worked as a teacher with the most difficult children, I realized how the more I looked at their “good” the more progress I made. After evolving from teacher to learning consultant, I discovered that I could share my experience with the other teachers I worked with. Most of all, I was building a positive relationship with their families. My philosophy of building positive relationships has had a meaningful impact on my students and teachers.

I was ecstatic when I reinvented myself as an Adjunct Professor at Penn State Abington. This time I was able to work with students who were in my Educational Theory class, with pre-service students as well as student teachers. Now I was able to teach them that teaching is an art that they have the power to touch a life and have theirs touched in return.

When I received notice that my Educational Theory class was canceled, I reflected on how I could reinvent myself again. It made sense to write a book and spread my message to a wider audience. There’s an expression that where one door closes, another one opens. The door closed on my class, but a publisher called Open Door Publications wanted to publish my book. They wanted to tell my story. They say that there no coincidences. Walt Disney had a wonderful saying: “IF YOU DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT!” I dare to dream!!!

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