A Benaderet Gathering

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At a greek restaurant in Long Island, the Benaderet family gathered to celebrate my new book, Touch a Life.. As my support system since the inception of this book, they couldn’t hold their excitement. This was not an official book launch, it was a celebration of my book Touch a Life!

The first thing I did was to describe the back story of how my book came to be. It all began when I wrote the Educational Theory class for Penn State Abington when I wrote the syllabus. Each section had a main heading. To make it more meaningful to my students I shared 3 stories of my past students. To this day my students stop me on campus and tell me they remember my stories.

Next I shared how I conducted my last class with my students. In elementary school I had my students share something they learned in my class. With college students I created a page of colorful words called “Words to Live By”. We all sat in a circle and each student had to select a word and share how they would bring it into their career as a teacher.

When I decided to write this book a light bulb went off in my head. Use the words to live by and use them to create my Table of Contents. Then put my stories under each word.

Finally I shared my media kits that were designed by my book cover designer, Eric Labacz. They contained beautifully designed labels on a folder, a sell sheet, a business card and a bookmark. Eric designed the bookmark with my book cover on the front and my “Words to Live By” on the reverse side. My family flipped over how he incorporated the “Words to Live By”on the second side of the marker.

Today was a wonderful day with the Benaderet celebration. It was so great spending time with my loving family. Special thanks to my aunts Dottie and Martha, the matriarchs of the family for teaching me the power of positivity and the wisdom to believe in yourself. I could not have achieved this wonderful feat without the love and support of my entire family. My greek grandmother, a very strong woman, taught me how to live each day with joy and how to live with a positive outlook!

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