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About Sharon

Sharon Benaderet-Cohen began her 44 year career in education at Penn State University,
majoring in Elementary Education. After teaching fifth grade for three years, she realized her calling and passion was in the area of special education. She received a Master’s Degree in Special Education and taught in many different types of classes for 17 years. These included: Communication Handicapped, Multiple Disabled, Learning Disabled and Emotionally Disturbed.

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My Book

How do you find the “good” in every child…and teach to it? Sharon Benadaret-Cohen’s book, Touch a Life illustrates her philosophy of “teaching to the good,” through inspirational stories from her 40-plus years in education.

“Teaching is more than an art. It is a way of working with mutual communication. No matter how challenging a student may be, treating him or her with love, kindness, and respect will make them soar to new heights,” explains Benadaret-Cohen.

Benadaret-Cohen’s experience includes teaching regular education, special education, working as a Learning Disabilities/Teacher Consultant, an Adjunct College Professor, and a Supervisor of Student Teachers. In each position she has been inspired by students who, overcame overwhelming odds to reach for the highest heights.
The stories in this book will help teachers, student teachers, and parents learn how to “touch a life” and have that child’s touch yours.

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A Benaderet Gathering

At a greek restaurant in Long Island, the Benaderet family gathered to celebrate my new book, Touch a Life.. As my support system since the inception of this book, they couldn’t hold their excitement. This was not an official book launch, it was a celebration of my book Touch a Life!

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sharon cohen and friend

Dare To Dream

It was so exciting sharing the advanced copies of my book with the WOW group. This group of women referred to as the Women of Washington. We met in seventh grade when we entered George Washington High School. In 1968 we graduated with the hopes and dreams of our generation and we all went our […]

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